Sharing the responsibility of Waste segregation with Waste collecting Companies

Waste segregation is an important aspect of any community or privately held organization to keep the environment clean. The process of waste segregation gets complex as the magnitude of garbage increases. If waste and rubbish is segregated at the basic or domestic level the process can become much simple and effective. Waste segregation is a process of dividing rubbish into ‘reduce’, ‘reuse’ and ‘recycle’ materials. Thus wet waste can be composted and put to use by various Rubbish collection companies in London. The dry waste that cannot be composted can be recycled according to the quality of the material it has been made of. Its a responsibility that needs to be shared by almost every household to keep the environment clean for the present and future generation.

Waste coming from houses can be classified into various categories the broadest categories can be Wet Waste, Sanitary Waste, Dry Waste, E-waste and Debris Waste

Wet waste is the perfect waste that can be used for composting since it includes cooked uncooked food. Overripe fruits and vegetables unfit for human consumption. Flowers and flower waste can also be placed in this category since composting of flowers can be done with ease. Thus everything that can be composted with ease is known as Wet waste.

Sanitary Waste has been assigned as a category of its own since this is something that is generated from households in large quantities and almost regularly. Sanitary waste needs to be incinerated since many types of sanitary waste like diapers, condoms, and sanitary napkins have a high composition of synthetic super absorbents made from petroleum. Thus it is not possible to compost them.

Dry waste can include almost all items that may not be considered as wet waste. This kind of waste can include both recyclable and non-recyclable materials. Dry waste will include items like bottles, cans, clothing, plastic, wood, glass, metals and paper. These materials deface any landscape they are thrown since metal cans and glass is not known to degrade fast enough thus posing a threat to the population living there.

E-Waste is the latest addition to the waste that has been posing a big problem to Waste collecting companies all across the world. E-Waste consists of old and outdated electronic items, these items can vary from a small Ipod to a big refrigerator. E-waste is a big threat since it is growing exponentially. Where many organizations are still getting the know how about disposing off this E-waste Waste Collecting Companies in London like clearitwaste already have comprehensive programs to manage E-waste being generated due to the changes and developments in the digital technology.

Debris waste is generated due to construction activities. Think of an old building that has been demolished to make way for new building over there. All the material that is collected from the rubble is of no use to anybody. It cannot be recycled nor is it degradable. Similarly at home individuals generate this kind of waste either due to various repair and maintenance activities carried out from time to time or due to minor breakages in the home that may generate various types of debris.

All waste and rubbish generated from households if segregated and disposed off with proper care and system can go along way in conserving the environment in a much better manner.

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