Placing a skip at the right spot for Waste Collection

A bathroom is as important as a kitchen in a home. In the same way, a skip is as important on the road side as a patch of lawn. Without it, remaining parts of the road would not be clean, just as without a bathroom there could be no cleanliness in the house. Placing a skip to the right place is as important as placing the skip itself. If not placed correctly, most of the household doesn’t use it and it becomes useless, it also causes accumulation of wastage at unwanted and important places.

Skip hire for waste collection

Skip Hire with

What is a skip?

Most of us know the container placed at the roadside in which we accumulate the wastage and which, in every time interval is taken way to the dump yard and replaced by another. It is mostly designed according to the van or lorry, which comes to take it away. Sometimes instead of taking the skip away there is another way in which the wastage is taken into the vehicle manually. But this method is very conventional and is not preferred, wince it may cause the diseases to get contagious.

These are also kept at construction site to clear the construction wastage effectively. Hence, the skip is a low cost and efficient solution for the construction and domestic wastage removal.

Right spot to place a skip:

If one wants to place a skip in private lands like construction sites for construction wastage removal, it would be their wish and it can be placed anywhere, according to their necessity and convenience, but if it has to be placed in public sites, permission has to be taken from the local body, which deals with the wastage removal.

Convenient spots to place a skip:

It has to be taken care that the skip is placed at right spot or else it would get wasted or may cause inconvenience. While placing a skip, one has to keep in mind the following points:

The first and foremost point that has to be kept in mind is accessibility. The skip has to be accessible to everyone, for whom it is being placed. Placing it in extreme corners or deserted streets would yield negative results for its placing.

It has to be kept in mind that the vehicle which comes to pick the skip up would be a heavy one and hence care has to be taken that the place at which the skip is placed is wide enough for the vehicle to park and lift the skip. If this point is not taken care of, it becomes a lot of mess, since dragging or lifting an already heavy skip which is now filled with garbage is a task that is next to impossible.

The skip has to be placed according to the population of the area I which it is being placed. If the area is small and has less population, then the skip that has to be placed should also be a lighter one and a larger skip has to be placed in a locality with more population.

Due to less population, highways are devoid of skips which has to be ended. It is true that the population on highways would be floating. But that doesn’t mean there would be no garbage. Instead of placing larger skips at long distances, smaller skips have to be placed at shorter intervals in order to protect the highways from garbage accumulation.

Signs have to be kept at the spots where skips are placed. It has to be visible to everyone even in nights.

With these points we can effectively place skips which would help a lot to us to maintain cleanliness of our surroundings.


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