Hardcore waste clearance charged by the weight of waste

Normally we have an arrangement with our waste collection company wherein they will come at our place pick our rubbish and charge us at a fixed price at the end of the month. The charges of the waste collection company depend upon the kind of establishment we are. Pricing for a home will be different from a hotel, hospital or office. Many Waste collection companies especially in London will have a look at the setup from where waste needs to be collected, an average of the waste generated every month is calculated and the setup is charged according to that. Almost all Rubbish collection companies have an idea about the average waste that will be generated almost everyday and the pricing part becomes easy for them.

What is hardcore waste?

Any waste that is collected due to construction or repair activities can be termed as hardcore waste. A waste collection company in its normal routine will not be able to cover it since collection of hardcore waste requires special equipment and trucks. Hardcore waste can also be composed of plasterboard, timber, metal and soil that is of no use to the place where it existed.

Hardcore waste generated at infrequent intervals

Hardcore waste is not generated everyday. Its only when someone is undertaking a construction activity that this kind of waste crops up. Commercial establishments and factories will only clean up their premises either once a month or once in a quarter. But when they clean a waste and rubbish is generated in tones. Normally they will have a Rubbish clearance company in place that takes care of the everyday waste generated. However the hardcore waste needs special treatment and special equipment which your regular Rubbish clearance company may not be able to provide in its everyday operations. They need to call up other professionals to dispose off that kind of waste.

Pricing for Hardcore waste depends upon the weigh of the waste

Since hardcore waste is generated at irregular intervals the pricing for the disposal of this kind of waste cannot be fixed for a particular time period as we have for domestic waste. The pricing of this kind of waste will depend upon the time taken by the waste collection company and also on the weight of the waste that has been generated. The kind of waste will be a determinant in the pricing since the waste collection company may have to involve hi-tech heavy machinery at your premises to help you get rid of the waste.

Taking Proactive measures for hardcore waste disposal

If you are starting out on some activity that can generate a lot of hardcore waste you can take proactive measures to make sure that the waste is collected and disposed off amicably without causing much trouble to your neighbors. Placing a skip at the construction site is one such step that you can take before you carry out any construction or dismantling activities. Have an arrangement with a Waste collection company to transport your waste at regular intervals instead of collecting a heap so that you have ample of space to move around your construction site and can ask for a discount on the pricing from the waste collection company.


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